Is more fabric.

Yep  I know, it sounds astounding.  And it constantly surprises my husband when I set out to start a project with “fabric from my stash”, and have to take a trip to the store to complete it.  But here’s the truth: I’ll often buy something that catches my eye.  Cute new precuts from Moda (and who ISN’T obsessed with new fabric from Moda?).  A new quilt pattern that I think will work with yardage I have at home.  Or something with baby animals on it, and OH MY GOSH I KNOW PEOPLE HAVING BABIES!  And then when you get your things out to try to come up with a complete project, you’re always missing something.  Yardage for sashing.  A pattern that actually works with the fabrics that you have.


So off to the store I go.  Today I went to Mill House Quilts in Waunakee, because some of the fabric I had was originally from there and I figured they would be the best bet for fleshing out what I needed.  And I am embarrassed to say that before last week, I had not been to this mecca of a fabric store.

Fabric was floor to head high, with colorful quilts hanging from the ceiling (that were incidentally very good at entertaining a cranky Gumball Baby I had with me). Fabric was arranged by type, and seemed to go on endlessly: reproduction, flannels, kids, seasonal, batiks, sale room… Thank goodness for the helpful staff there, who helped me sort out what I needed and where things were located.  Even in the midst of a sale and a line 4-5 people deep at the cutting counter, each with bolts upon bolts to cut.  I had to tear myself away from buying more, even as I was purchasing enough yardage to complete *ahem* three quilts.


A few scraps to finish a quilt already in progress- more on that one coming up.


Yardage for borders and background for a layer cake from last year’s quilt show.


Some plain old red and white to complete the fabric requirements for my son’s new twin quilt out of reproduction inspired fabrics.

Fall can now begin.