As the twelfth day of Christmas is upon us, it’s time to start anew.  I know I’ve been completely absent for a few months, and for that I apologize.  I tend to be completely thrown out of gear when my routine is interrupted, and the last two months have been anything but routine.

The first batch of our things delivered to the new house.

 Since I last wrote, my family sold our house, bought a new one, moved with two small children and a dog, hosted the last three holidays, and suffered a tragic loss in the family.  It’s been busy.  I’ve been delaying posting until this happens or that is unpacked or a project is complete enough to say something about.  And I just came to the conclusion that my life has been in flux.  There hasn’t been anything to wrap up in a neat package with process shots and a finale.  It’s just all been wheels churning.  And that’s okay.

Gumball takes in the new digs amidst pieces of the sewing table.

 I have been sewing.  A lot.  Through this whole process I’ve learned that sewing really is my therapy.  My thread racks aren’t hung, and I have to dig through countless boxes every time I just want to find my 1/4″ elastic.  But it feels good.  Having my entire fabric and yarn and machine stash back just feels GOOD.  It feels like home.  Doing things as small as making tutus for my 3 year old’s dollies just reconnects me with where I started, making clothes for my own dolls when I wasn’t much older than she is.

Some incredibly casual pictures of completed projects.

 Some of the projects I’ve done in the meantime:  Finessing a sloper pattern for a friend, another Ice Cream Social Dress from the amazing Oliver + S pattern line, a slipcover for my soft structured baby carrier for a Halloween costume for Gumball (which I incidentally decided had to be a gumball machine), a tutu for a dear friend for Christmas, a collection of doll clothes for Miss Cakes’s baby doll, a nursing shirt for myself, and a few baby hats for Gumball and friends.  I’ve also been working on the pinwheel quilt, whose quilting has been an utter disaster, and I think after much trial and error I know how to proceed.  And I’m knitting a new sweater for myself.  On sock yarn.  On size 2 needles.  Lord help me power through that one.

Sigh.  The pinwheel quilt being laid out for quilting.  AGAIN.

 Since I’m in the middle of two projects that are complete time sucks (the quilt and the sweater), I may not post “completed projects” as often.  But I promise I’ll be here and write what’s happening.  If you have anything you want to hear about, let me know!  I’m just content to finally be settled after the chaos that was 2015.  Let 2016 be the year of good food, good company, and fun projects.  Hope to see what you’re working on soon too.  New year and all that jazz.  😉


One of my favorite Christmas presents this year.

Love from (finally winter) Wisco,