Final day!  Woohoo!  I was so excited to sew this week, partly because finishing-yay, but also because my new iron arrived.  I still have to hang the water from the ceiling, but even without steam this iron is pressing SO MUCH BETTER than my old home iron.  I’m ashamed I didn’t make the leap sooner.

Who’s ready to put in those final seams? Let’s go!

Attach the dress’s bottom panel

  1.  Pin two of the lower panel pieces right sides together, and sew the side seams at 1/2″.  These will be the lining pieces, so if you’ve specifically cut nicer pieces for the outside, save them for later.  Trim seam allowances to 1/4″ and press open.DSC_3352
  2. Flip dress inside out, and insert the band outside the dress so the right side of the band is facing the wrong side of the dress.  Match notches (they only appear on the top edge of the lower band, so make sure you’re aligning the correct edge) and side seams, pin, and stitch at 1/2″.
  3. Press the seam allowance down towards the band.DSC_3358
  4. Pin and sew the side seams of the outer band pieces at 1/2″.  The pattern says to trim these again to 1/4″, but I prefer to leave them at 1/2″ so the seam is slightly graded and accomodates the bulk better.  Press open.  Fold back and press the top edge of the band to the wrong side a scant 1/2″ all the way around (you can use a basting line for assistance if you’d like).DSC_3353
  5. Loop the outer band over the band attached to the dress, right sides together.  Match the side seams, pin around, and stitch.  Press the seam allowances toward the top of the dress (away from the lower band).  Understitch this seam.  If you’ve never understitched before, it’s just a fancy way of saying to edgestitch the seam allowances that have been pressed to the wrong side to help hold them in place.
  6. Fold the outer band up to the right side of the dress, and press the lower edge in place.  The understitching should help the front roll just slightly to the back side.  Align the folded and pressed edge with the seam line and pin.  Edgestitch in place to close the lower band.


  1. Stitch a button to the back yoke, either using the mark on the pattern or by sticking a pin through your loop to mark where the button should sit.  I prefer to add a shank when I sew it on by looping the thread around the base of the stitching a few times, but not necessary.DSC_3369

All done!  I’m finishing up the cat blouse in the next few days, and will post some shots of how I changed the assembly in an epilogue next week.  Just have to wait to press the linen crisp with the new iron, which will require hanging a weight bearing hook for the water.  Until then I’d love to see pictures of all your finished garments here or on the Facebook page!  I hope everyone had a blast!


3418 crop

Happy Fourth of July weekend!  Get out and enjoy some ice cream!


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