First things first, I’m so happy that a few of you responded with what you’d like to see in the blog in the coming months! I’m taking everything into account and just plotting out a fall sewing schedule and projects, so timing couldn’t have been better. Thank you so much for all your support and feedback!


Miss Cakes and I wrote everyone’s names on paper and tossed them in her Easter hat, and she drew Lori! Message me and we can get you this little pincushion as a thank you. Made from leftovers from the Ice Cream sew-along dress, it’s filled with emory to keep your needles sharp.


This weekend was time for the annual Quilt Expo in town! It’s my Christmas morning. You know how in Gilmore Girls Lorelai goes to the other diner in town (when she and Luke are fighting, obviously) and requests “COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!” ? That’s how I start my day. If only chanting “QUILT SHOW QUILT SHOW QUILT SHOW!” would bring me three quilt shows like her coffees….

I went with two of my favorite sewing friends in the world, but we didn’t stop to take a single picture together. So here I am, all by my lonesome with my haul coming out at the end. There were some gorgeous show quilts this year, running the gamut from paper piecing to machine to hand pieced. The award winning quilts are always so mesmerizing. It would take me a year to complete a small corner of the work that goes into them, I can’t imagine the amount of labor it takes to produce a full bed size with this much detail.

Since I’ve started work on Gumball’s twin quilt (post coming up), I took lots of pictures of how the quilting was done on some of the vintage inspired and more traditional quilts. These true quilting artists see blank space as a place to play and make something come alive from the quilting stitches themselves. I always focus so much on the piecing, I’m striving to pay better attention to the quilting too.

Some of my favorite quilts up close and in their entirety. So inspiring.

And this was just a hoot! No pun intended. The amount of work was incredible; embroidery, applique, piecing, quilting in the figures. Just really a fun quilt and an amazing showpiece. 

My friends had to leave after lunch, so I went back and wandered and talked to some of the booth owners. I always love chatting with the people at Liberty Homestead about Singer Featherweight machines and seeing the new trinkets they might have found. This year I was coveting a picot hem stitch attachment but couldn’t justify buying it without a project in mind. Bought an LED light instead, for better brighter light that stays cool. (Those of you with featherweights know the burn from hitting the bare bulb with the back of your hand while sewing. Yowch!)

I also got to chat awhile with Maxine Jacobs of Three Sisters Quilting, who showed me how the computerized long arm Gammills work. I’ve done several quilts on a free motion Gammill belonging to a friend, but just never did it frequently enough to master it. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to plot the points on your quilt with the laser, select your pattern, and hit go. I might send some quilts her way if I want them done precisely in the future, it’s such lovely work.

And my loot! You always have to take a haul picture when you get home.

The fabric: Some hand dyed wools for a patchwork coat for Miss Cakes, and the cutest candy and tooth fabric for a new fall dress. An amazing gold cotton/linen/lurex for a fun metallic gold skirt! And a Christmas layer cake that just jumped into my bag by itself, I swear. (*shakes fist at sky* Damn you Moda with your cute new collections!)

The books: Lots of pattern books for precuts, as I can’t seem to stop buying them (evidenced by the new layer cake).  And the most adorable children’s book about a little girl who sews a quilt for her teddy bear out of their outgrown matching pajamas. (My cousin and I literally teared up in the booth. Don’t judge.) 

The gadgets: Some tools for working: better rulers for gripping while rotary cutting, new blades, my favorite brand of hand sewing needles in a variety of types and sizes, and quilting gloves. I WILL quilt some of these tops this year.

All in all an awesome show and a great day.  Comment and let me know if you went, what you got, and what you’re dreaming of quilting lately!  Happy fall!

Love from Wisco,


To read about last year’s Expo, see here.