I’m sorry for the long pause that was November on the blog.  Truth is, I’ve been knitting lately. A lot. Call it therapy for all the election madness, or just soothing to curl up with now that winter is finally upon us. Or to be blunt, Gumball has decided naps are for suckers, and any parent knows that means that your daytime free time is gone for good. (Can I cry about that? Just a little?) While I can’t yet trust him to be loose while I sew, I can bring a ball of yarn and my needles to the backyard while he and Miss Cakes run through leaf piles.


Knitting takes so.much.more.time than sewing a garment though. And while I’ve been snuggling four rotating projects under a blanket watching the Gilmore Girls revival, I just haven’t actually finished much.  I did make this cute hat for Gumball, pattern testing the new child size of the Dunloe hat pattern for Knit Knight Designs. It was a much needed item in his cold weather wardrobe, and as a bonus used up two skeins of Dale of Norway Baby Ull I’ve had sitting in my stash for awhile.


It’s a lovely knit, with lots of stockinette to allow you to mindlessly speed through and focus on Rory and Lorelai’s antics instead of a complicated stitch chart. I love that the cable is written in both a chart and written instructions, so you can choose to follow your preferred method of pattern reading. And lots of places to mod more slouch, width, whatever you need to make it your own. Well written and fun? Yes please.

I did encounter some hijinks with my yarn; namely I suspect a moth problem. ***Scream at will here.*** There were tons of splits in the yarn, and after winding past the first three to begin, I just decided to start and reinforce any bad spots. There were 12 more to come.

Here’s what I did: when approaching a thin section where only a ply or two was broken, I’d use some of the yarn I unwound and cut off at the beginning, and knit both strands together for a few stitches on either side. Then cut off the second yarn, and continued on. I went back at the end and darned them all in. (I would have spit spliced if it wasn’t superwash.)

In any areas where the yarn was completely or almost broken, I tied a knot leaving long tails, and kept knitting on. When finished, I went back, untied the knots, and wove the ends in properly. SO MUCH WEAVING IN.

Lots more work than a usual knit, but the yarn and the project were a perfect match. And who doesn’t love using up stash yarn? Now let’s hope he just keeps the darn thing on his head.

I also just whipped out this new top, Vogue pattern 9128 with next to no mods. I’d been itching to get this pattern for awhile, as it has good waist definition, a bit of playfulness in a mini peplum, but is still a comfy jersey T. Perfect for momming around town without feeling shlubby.

Cutting layout, a bit rearranged as usual to cut out in less yardage.

I had cotton-spandex jersey from a run to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston in October.  It’s the perfect balance of sturdy and drapey, and yet has good stretch and recovery thanks to the spandex. I did my typical measuring to double check all seams were where I wanted them, and it was super close to perfect. Narrowed in the wrists, cut two sizes down from what the pattern says my size should be to get to zero ease (how I like to wear my knits), and cut away.

I zig zagged first, checked fit, and went back to serge off excess, as I did with the peplum top. This needed no alterations though, and was so fast even my first time through, I’m definitely making more.

Topstitching done at a 3.0 stitch length to allow for slight stretch.

I went back in the morning and added top stitching around the neck edge and the curved seams to keep the seam allowance in place. I left the hem raw again, but I can see it wants to curl so I may go back after a wash and assess then if I want to turn under 1/4″.

I’m so happy with how it turned out, I’m planning on trying some with colorblocking and different knits for the side and back panels. It’ll have to wait for a month though, because….


It’s Dressember! If you haven’t heard about it, Dressember is a movement to raise awareness and funds to help end modern day slavery, worldwide trafficking, and the exploitation of women. Every day for the month of December, I pledge to wear a dress. In Wisconsin. In the winter. And in doing so, I hope to bring about change in my own small way by helping to finance rescue missions for those stuck in dire circumstances.  I was so moved after watching the founder Blythe Hill’s TED Talk, I knew I had to participate.  #dressember, #itsbiggerthanadress, and #youcandoanythinginadress is all about how what is seemingly a silly sartorial challenge can help bring about change.  I hope you’ll consider donating to my team here, or wearing a dress for a day or two yourself. And when your friends and family ask why you’re wearing a dress, you can say you’re helping change the world, one step at a time.


Happy December! If you need me, I’ll be huddled under a blanket in my wool tights trying to finish up one more of these sweaters…

Love from Wisconsin,